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Food banks - where and how in Somerset

The number of people using food banks in the UK is rapidly rising. In 2017/2018 foodbanks gave more than 1,300,000 (one million three hundred thousand) three-day emergency food supplies to people in need. 

Status of EU citizens in the UK. Update.

Status of EU citizens in the UK

Here is some updated (from 28 February 2018) information on the situation of European Union citizens living in the UK. The information is taken from the Government’s official website.

Community Relations' Meeting: Review.

Post Brexit Community Relations Meeting held in Yeovil on 26th of April 2017 between Yeovil Taxi Drivers and representatives from Avon and Somerset Police, Somerset County Council, SARI and Diversity Voice turned out to be a success.

Risen like Phoenix from the ashes.

Easter time is a good time to talk about people who owe Diversity Voice new life. You can easily compare them to the mythological Phoenix bird, a symbol of regeneration and rebirth. An example how well Diversity Voice is supporting those who trust us is Mrs Patrycja Piątek.

Celebrating St Nicholas Day in Bridgwater

Fantastic children's party was organised in Victoria Park Community Centre by Diversity Voice. This event brought up nearly 200 people from several countries, where is celebrated St Nicholas Day.

Christmas celebration arround the world

It's been a very busy and successful year! Soon we'll gather round the table to celebrate Christmas with our families and friends. Let's not forget about our neighbours and other people during that time, so that no one's left out.

Polish mother faced hate abuse in Yeovil Mcdonalds

There has been an increase in crimes with the use of physical and verbal violence, targeting people from different ethnic backgrounds. It's worrying that these types of crimes are happening more often, even in our local area.

Fundraising money for rehabilitation

For several months the organization Diversity Voice collected money for the rehabilitation of Mikolaj, nearly five year old boy diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.

Stop Loan Shark

Over the past year, the England Illegal Money Lending Team has helped raise awareness of the dangers of loan sharks in communities nationwide, encouraged victims to speak out and helped people make a step change away from borrowing money and towards saving for the future. All of this has been funded through the Proceeds Of Crime Act (P.O.C.A) money taken from convicted loan sharks.

Southampton loan shark sentenced.

Jacqui Kennedy, Head of the England Illegal Money Lending Team would like to warn people to avoid illegal money lenders at all costs. They are not a community service and will trap borrowers into spiralling debt, causing nothing but misery. A loan shark is a crime and it will not be tolerated.