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Polands Holocaust Law

The Bill is an attempt to crack down on a recurring problem of concentration and extermination camps, operated by occupying Nazis forces in Poland, being described as “Polish”.

What should EU citizens expect after Brexit?

Thousands of EU citizens who have secured permanent residency in the UK face further major upheaval as they will be forced to apply for settled status post-Brexit. The details emerged after Theresa May published in full her proposals to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK.

Keep calm and carry on dear immigrants !!!

A few words of explanation regarding recent Brexit situation. First of all Great Britain has not left EU yet and is not sure if ever. This referendum has not got legal effects either in UK law nor in EU.

Referendum and Diversity Voice with ABC Broadcaster

Diversity Voice hosting ABC Australian Broadcaster. We would like to invite people from different backgrounds: enterpreneurs, recent-new British Citizens, employers, self-emplyed, someone who has inetersting story to tell about their life in Somerset area.

Allow EU citizens living in the UK vote in EU referendum!

EU citizens who live in the UK have not got rights to vote regarding important political decision which affects their lives probably more than UK citizens. Together we can change that by signing petition.

Bridgwater Portuguese man standing for Local election

25 years old Diogo Rodrigues is running for election at the local elections in Bridgwater, standing as a Town and District Councilor for the Local Election.

25 Anniversary of the First Free Election In Poland

The Round Table talks started in February 1989 and resulted in partially free Sejm elections on 4 June 1989. This was the beginning of the twilight of communism in Poland. The Polish United Worker's Party secured 65 per cent of MP mandates while 35 per cent were put to free candidate competition.

European Politic show in Yeovil

Midwest European Communities Association organises European Election politic debate for European immigrants and hosting community.