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Forum is the place where you can exchange information on children's centers, nurseries, schools and all the information about the social and cultural events for the entire family-friendly. It is here that you can ask for advice or ask a question. Dynamics Forums depends on your commitment, so feel free to ask questions and share experiences.

GetSet – support for children and families

If you have a child aged 0-4 GetSet is a service that may be able to help you and your children with a variety of difficulties.

International Cooking Workshop

International Cooking Workshops and Recipe Tasting. Have you thought what it might be like to learn some dishes from overseas?  Now you have a great chance to try something new and meet new friends.

Infant Class Size Appeals

Infant Class Size appeals are a review of the decision made by the admissions authority at the time of applying for a school place. This makes Infant Class Size appeals different from the usual two-stage appeal.

Free Family Language Course

You are from Bridgwater and would like to learn English but do not have anyone to leave a child with? No problem! Take part in activities designed especially for you and your baby.