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Bridgwater Quayside Festival 2019

Bridgwater Quayside Festival 2019

On July 20, 2019, the Quayside Festival took place at Blake Gardens in Bridgwater. The entire Diversity Voice team arrived at the opening at 9.00 in the morning.

Everyone was preparing for this day for a long time, we were nervous, excited and smiling. We started our preparations by spreading our tent with the logo of our charity organization.

On our stall we prepared all the necessary things for creative work, which would please children and we made bubbles to flutter in the wind which added magic and charm to the atmosphere.

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One of our successful activities was the decorating of paper bags, using stickers with various animal designs sponsored by our organization. All the children were happily able to design their own handbag depicting their favourite animal.

It was also nice to see the child's smiling faces when each child put a gift from us in the bag. Each child received  colouring pictures, a lollipop, sweets, and a bracelet with the Diversity Voice logo.

We decorated our stall with colourful balloons and flags to symbolise the diversity of cultures in Diversity Voice. Children could choose their favourite coloured balloon to take home.
In addition to the prepared attractions in the tent, we also organized free games and outdoor activities for all families and children.

Everyone could try their hand at throwing balls at Olaf or throwing foam darts into the baskets.
The biggest emotions were aroused by fishing for sharks and unicorns from the basket with water. Both children and parents could not refrain from the excitement of fishing.

There were also emotions during the archery. Not only children tried their own archery skills, but also parents.
For golf lovers, mini golf was prepared. Everyone could try their hand at each game as many times as they would like and later could choose a small gift for themselves: sweets or a Diversity Voice bracelet.

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It was a wonderful day for many families from Bridgwater and all over Somerset. We met many interesting characters walking around the festival. The alien on stilts who was blowing bubbles aroused great interest and the favourite attractions were our sports activities. Other very interesting characters on the day were the pianist riding and playing the piano and the woman playing the ride-on cello bike.


I think that after such a long and hot day, we all got tempted to buy an ice cream went home with good humour.