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About Wiser£money
Established in 2012, Wiser£money is a strategic partnership between Wessex Resolutions, a Community Interest Company, and Encompass Southwest, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. Wiser£money delivers advice, information and support services in rural and coastal communities and market towns across Devon and Somerset.
The partnership provides accessible, holistic services aimed vulnerable people who are experiencing financial exclusion, poverty and hardship. For the purposes of this project, MIND in Somerset have joined the partnership to provide and deliver specialist mental health services.
Project Summary

The aim of this 30-month project is to improve the quality of life, wellbeing and financial resilience of people living in the rural settlements of the Districts of West Somerset, Mid-Devon and North Devon. The project will target vulnerable groups living on low-incomes (single adults, families, older-people, experiencing mental health problems and disabilities) in communities across the three Districts experiencing (or at risk of experiencing), poverty, financial hardship, and social and financial exclusion.

Project Start Date: 1st October 2018 (Referrals accepted from 1st November 2018)
Project End Date: 31st March 2021

The services will be delivered by;
• Three full time Money Advisers, located in the heart of each of the districts
• Two and a half Mental Health Caseworkers working across the three districts
• One part time Benefits Caseworker working across the three districts
• One part-time Community Development Officer working across the three districts
• One part-time project Administrator.

Wiser£money will establish advice outlets in rural communities to deliver a comprehensive advice service including: appointments, drop-ins, home visiting and evening & weekend services (when required).

Advice will focus on:
• Fuel poverty, energy efficiency issues and switching
• Debt & money advice
• Income maximisation/ Welfare benefits
• Budgeting
• Mental Health advocacy and support
• Financial Capability workshops and courses
• Form filling
• Referral & signposting.

The Community Development Officer will deliver a co-ordinated package of work that includes developing financial capability and social policy, and campaigns to raise public awareness around a range of key financial inclusion and capability issues.

Managing the Money Maze;
A fun and interactive educational workshop which ‘steers’ participants through the money maze by providing information, tips and tools to enable effective money management and to help build financial resilience. The course is delivered though a series of interactive games and discussions.

Course are available NOW! Please see attached flyer for more information, to book a course please contact Kim.

Partnerships & Collaborative Working;
Wiser£money is committed to working collaboratively with local organisations and agencies for the benefit of clients. The project aims to identify and work with those who are ‘hard to reach’ and unable to easily access local services due to transport, physical and mental health issues etc. A key focus on the service will be home visits and we will be working collaboratively with the West Somerset Advice Bureau to support residents of West Somerset requiring home visiting services.

The project focus is on those facing rural isolation and fuel poverty, in order to build reciprocal referral pathways within key communities, please do share this email with organisations/agencies that would benefit from the project, both in terms of inbound and outbound referring/signposting. These details will be added to our mail distribution list and service directories to ensure accessible service provision to clients across the districts.

Any support that you could provide to spread the word of the project as widely as possible would be great. We thank you for your support to date and look forward to working with you over the next few years.

If you have any queries or questions, the Wiser£money project team would be happy to discuss any aspect of the project with you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

We very much look forward to working with you and we will be in touch again soon!


Managing The Money Maze Poster

Managing The Money Maze Poster For Partners