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Advertise with Diversity Voice

I would like to interest you in advertising on our website www.diversityvoice.com which attracts scores of users from ethnic minorities and beyond on a daily basis.

Diversity Voice is a direct access organisation, whose aim is helping ethnic minority community members with integration within the British society. We provide advice and support in several areas including housing, employment and education matters and at present have membership of over 1500. Our activity is non-profit and non-political.
In the current economic climate, it is essential for companies to be able to reach their clients or potential employees swiftly and to be the name that they can identify quickly for the service required. With our offer, your business will have a great opportunity to make a lasting presence within your potential client base through our website.
We have been working with the migrant communities in the South West of England for over 11 years now. We have become a well-recognised first contact for many people arriving here and a hub for large numbers of ethnic minority residents, where they can find help and advice as well as socialise. Our networking activity enables us to reach thousands of people and the website has enjoyed great interest with over five hundred thousand visits registered so far.
You can also advertise in our Newsletter which is distributed to thousands of people.
We can assure you that you will find our service beneficial for your business both in terms of publicity and cost efficiency. All proceeds go towards our work in the community.

Our rates are as follows:
1. A written advert only - £40 per month
2. A small photo ad (5 x 4 cm) in prime position on home page - £30 per month or £150 per year
3. A large photo ad (20 x 4 cm) in prime position on home page- £50 per month or £400 per year
4. Promotion in e-newsletter to all members £80.00
5. Newsletter advertisement, for a one-page advert - £200
6. All the above for £600 per year

(£600 includes 3-4 times a year advert in our e-newsletter, you can change the advert each time if required. 12 months Small photo on the right side (300Px-200Px) Medium on left side (680Px-250Px) or top one (1000Px – 250Px). You can also include text advert).

If you would like to put an advertisement on our website, please email details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail. Alternatively, please contact our office at 03000 750 105 to discuss details and find out more about our organisation.

Please note that if you are an individual who wants to put an advert on the website without generating profit from it the advert will be free of charge. When you accept our rates for advertising you are agreeing with the conditions and charges of the advert.