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Poland Celebrates 100 Years of Independence 11 th November 2018

11th November is a special day known to many countries. It is mainly known as Remembrance Day and Armistice Day - a day when the World War I came to an end and a day of remembering the horrors of war and those who fought and died in it. However, in Poland it is also known as a day when the country regained its independence and in 2018 Poles are celebrating 100 years of freedom.

After the final Partition of Poland in 1795, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ceased to exist, its land was divided by Austria, Prussia and Russia. For 123 years Poland disappeared from the map and the countries tried to eradicate Polish culture and language. Poles did not give up, they fought back through insurrections (the most famous were November 1830 and January 1963) but did not succeed. The failures did not break the Polish spirit, they preserved their culture as best as they could waiting for the right moment to break free.
The perfect moment came right after the World War I, when Russia was in the midst of Soviet Revolution and Austria-Hungary and Prussia were considerably weakened after losing the war. After defeating and disarming the occupying forces, Poland seized control of their country once again. Józef Piłsudski returned to Poland after incarceration by the Germans and assumed authority on the 11th of November, forming a new government and calling parliamentary elections.
11th of November has been declared an Independence Day in 1937. Sadly, it was celebrated only twice before World War II. After the war, Poland was under communist occupation and the day was removed. It didn't stop Poles from celebrating it as a way of opposing the regime. After the fall of the communist government in 1989, the holiday has been restored.
Since the beginning of the year, various events have been organised throughout Poland to commemorate regaining independence. In all major cities in Poland it is celebrated by various exhibitions, marches, concerts, fun runs and parades.
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