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English Lessons in Yeovil

Sign up now to join our English classes. These classes are free for parents who have children in preschools and mainstream school education, job seeking parents and long term ill parents.

The lessons are run by an experienced teacher and start on 2nd November and are at Reckleford Community School, Yeovil beetwen 9:30 -11 second class 11:15-12:45. To book a place on the course which will continue until July 2018 please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to a staff member at Reckleford Community school. When emailing Diversity Voice to book a place please include your full name and address and a telephone number so we can contact you also your child's name, DOB and details of the school/preschool they attend.

We are asking parents to pay a £40 deposit which will be refunded at the end of the course if no more than 6 sessions are missed. 

Please click on the links below to see more details.

English Lessons in Yeovil poster

English Lessons in Yeovil, Polish version poster