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Why you should be using recognised immigration services

We can help you make the right  choices no bad experiences like Marek who lives in Yeovil and has had some help from a person, who was his interpreter at the medical assessment.

Conversation with Marek - Can you describe what happened with the application for residency? ‘3 months ago I met an interpreter at the medical assessment  who offered me help with filling in the form for residency. She said it was easy and could translate and fill it in for me’
It seems you had some luck, too good to be true?‘I thought so, but my joy was short lived. In the beginning, everything looked good, the lady spoke perfect English. I was convinced she knew the drill, but in the end, it turned out different’.
What do you mean?
‘After a couple of months, I received a letter from the Liverpool office, who had looked through my application form. It turned out I hadn’t sent some required documents but it wasn’t fully explained. It also turned out that I was 3 months short of 5 year self-employment period. I have lived in the UK for more than 5 years but I’ve been self-employed for a shorter time. All in all, I’ve paid her £100 plus £65 fee to the office and I’ve lost both of them .’
What are you planning to do next?
‘I need to ask for help someone else and pay them again, but I won’t be going to a person, who doesn’t know how to do it. I will see someone, who can do it for me and has some qualifications’.
How are you going to check this?
‘It’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure what qualifications such a person should have to fill in this type of document. Definitely an Immigration Lawyer, but they usually charge a lot of money for their services.

Can you give me some advice, please? We turned to Dominik Stosio who works for CIO Diversity Voice and asked: What should a person looking for help filling in the residency application form do?
‘Hello to all our readers. First of all, I’d like to say that any immigration advice without required qualifications is a crime carrying a penalty of up to 2 years’ imprisonment. For this reason, we use our lawyer’s help, who comes to Bridgwater once a month and meets people looking for this kind of advice. Also, throughout years of advising on access to benefits, we have earned the reputation of an organization with the knowledge of immigration issues. This year we are planning to get level 2 accreditation from OISC. Our organization is small, but we do actively support ethnic minorities’ community. A few hundred people use our services every year.’
What do people need to do to use your services?
‘It’s simple. You don’t need to meet a lawyer in person. Sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or calling 07868723419 is enough. We will then send a list of things you need to prepare and send them back to us. We provide free explanation to our customers. We try to help, but people need to do their homework and collect quite a lot of documents since their arrival in the United Kingdom.’
How long is the waiting time?
‘As soon as someone contacts us, we reply straightaway and if we get all the requested answers, we help with filling in the form.‘
What is your advice to people like Marek?
‘Simply try to avoid such people. There are lots of different small family businesses set up such as translating, benefit advice, insurance or English tuition. You always have to ask about qualifications of these people, if they have any diplomas, accreditations, TEFL certificates for teaching English or translation certificates.’

Thank you for your time.