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Food banks

Food banks

More and more people in the United Kingdom use food banks. On the one hand, it shows the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, on the other, the solidarity of common people, who want to help others, the ones in need.

It turns out, there are hundreds of food banks spread all over the Kingdom. The biggest is The Trussell Trust, who have a network of over 400 of such points. Moreover, there are around 100 of others, independent ones working together with local communities, churches thanks to donations from people of good will.

Not everyone, who feels hungry all of a sudden, can use a food bank. The rules stating who and what food and when one can use differ depending on individual organization.

Trussell Trust, for example, gives away 3 day emergency packages of non-perishable food to people with vouchers, who are issued by various care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and police who identify people in crisis.
Other charities also need a referral; usually issued by a local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or County Council. You will need a proof of your income at hand.

What is important, most food banks help does not end with giving away food. Volunteers working there try to help people stand on their feet by talking and giving advice or referring them to other agencies, who can then solve their long -term problems.

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