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New Year Carols' Concert at St.George's Church in Taunton

New Year Carols' Concert at St.George's Church in Taunton

On January the 1st 2017 in a beautiful setting of St. Georges Church (Billet Street) a New Year Nativity Play took place, organized by talented children from Weston Super Mare. It was held after a mass.

A week after, on January the 8th 2017, there was an amazing concert of new years’ carols, during which both Polish and people from other countries could welcome a new year with a song. Over 200 people came to the concert. Musicians came straight from the mountains in the south of Poland – genuine highlanders. The carols and festive songs were sung and accompanied by live music instruments such as a fiddle, a keyboard and a bass guitar.

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Polish community in Taunton should be proud to have experienced such a wonderful concert. It is also worth noting that Polish mass is attended not only by the Polish but people from other corners of the world. It is good that there is a place, where people, by listening to the true message of the Word of God, can forget about racism or xenophobia.

Kudos for great organizational skills and a musical talent base. Such great resourcefulness from the pastor brings new people into the community.

Thank you all for having made these two artistic events happen.

Click the link to watch the short clip on both events.

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