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Hate Crime services

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Avon and Somerset area has grant funded 4 areas of work within the force area to support victims of crime. The Care Forum has been successful in its bid for the vulnerable adult work stream as well the cultural and identity work stream.

The Care Forum will provide:

1. Support for a victim that is vulnerable, intimated or persistently targeted, who needs additional support to make it through or navigate the criminal justice system and who is disabled, older, excluded, BME, from a faith community, LGB or Trans

2. Support clients with significant mental health/capacity issue and need support to report and get action for a crime.

3. Support for people who are targeted because they are vulnerable and an easy target

4. Support people who, due to crime, have unresolved issues and need signposting/help to access services

5. Support people who are too frightened to report incidents to the Police

The Care Forum are working with SARI (Standing Against Racism and Inequality) to provide a hate crime case work service where a victim has been subject to an incident or abuse that is perceived to be motivated by hatred/prejudice towards that person due to a protected characteristic.

This funding will provide
1. A case worker for the area who will support victims of hate crime and their families with practical or emotional support as well as casework solutions to incidents they face.

2. Awareness and community work, jointly working with SEOG.

To access the service call 0800 254 0777 and they will find the support that is needed based on the incident that has been experienced or seen – please pass this number on to members of your community. Leaflets and posters are available – let us know if you want any.