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Polish mother faced hate abuse in Yeovil Mcdonalds

There has been an increase in crimes with the use of physical and verbal violence, targeting people from different ethnic backgrounds. It's worrying that these types of crimes are happening more often, even in our local area.

A good example would be the case of Majka (name changed), who went to McDonalds in Yeovil with her son and a friend on the 11th of July. According to Majka, she was waiting in the queue with a friend when Majka's friend spoke to her in Polish. A man standing behind them started making rude comments such as 'you should be talking in English'. He was quite surprised to be asked in English about why he was behaving in such way and started shouting at Majka and her friend to 'get out of our country' and 'you are ruining our country', using a lot of bad language when speaking. He then shouted at the staff to throw Ms Majka, her son and their friend out of McDonald's premises. No one in the building, aside from two English women who tried to stop the man from behaving aggressively, reacted to the man's behaviour. After the incident Majka, her son and her friend ate their meal outside. When her son got up to throw rubbish into a bin, he met the aggressive man again. This time he was in a car and shouted that 'there is plenty more food for them all in the rubbish bin', before driving off. As Majka stated, at that time she wasn't even able to think to inform the police about what had happened.

When asked about her feelings at the time of the incident, Majka said that she felt awful and ashamed as everyone in the building was looking at them. Currently she feels inhibited to use the Polish language in public. 'I try to avoid people shouting to me from afar and simply want to behave in a discreet way'

She says that she has lived in the UK for the last 8 years but has never experienced such a situation before.
Majka now feels all right but tries to stay away from people's 'hearing range'. She also sent a letter to McDonalds Head Office asking how the company intends to prevent such situations from happening and whether the staff are properly trained to handle this type of situation but to date she has not received a reply.

Samuel Malone, Corporate Communication Officer from Avon and Somerset Police stated that the Police made a "comprehensive investigation which included a review of CCTV footage but have been unable to identify a man they want to talk to in relation to this case. Should any further evidence come to light, or any more information be provided which will assist the investigation, we will give it our full attention".

He also added "We take race hate crime seriously and positively encourage people who are victims to come forward and report incidents to us."