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Trip to the Longleat Safari Park for competition winners

Trip to the Longleat Safari Park for competition winners

MECA organised Drawing and writing contest for children entitled "School of my dreams" The Contest was addressed to children from Somerset who were invited to participate in two age categories. 1). 6-9 years old and 2). 10-12 years old

 We would like to give the children the possibility to express their feelings regarding their school life. In our competition participated children from few schools: Wembdon St. George Primary School, Somerset Bridge Primary School, Bridgwater College Academy Primary School and South Petherton Church of England Infant School.
Children created wonderful pictures for example: "School on the tree", "Ginger bread man school", "School with slide to leave top class rooms" , "Drawing School", " Lego School", "Princesses school", "Mine craft school" and much more.
One girl Ula Wójcik wrote:
"Far, far away from big noisy cities, deep bushes and green farms behind forest full of tress there is an amazing school filled with happy children. The school is like massive castle full of mysterious classrooms with lots of surprises. School of dreams for children that are seeking adventures, for little urchins that are ready to explore". Ula also draw a beautiful picture.

The Contest winners were invited for a day trip to Longleat Safari Park. The trip took place in 19th of July 2014.
The weather on that day was not very nice but we were hopeful and set off to our trip in good moods. When we arrived to the Safari the weather was even worse, but children were very excited. They had lot of fun looking at animals through the coach window. We saw many animals: girraffes, elephants, lions, deer, camels, wolfs and many others. When we went to the jungle area the weather changed from rain into the sunshine and we could see other animals such as penguins, monkeys, birds  and much more. We had a train trip and also a river cruise which children really enjoyed. We saw gorilla island. After that we all went for ice cream and  then to the playground. On the way back  the children were very quiet becuse they had a busy day and were very tired.

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