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Job Clubs help you find or get back into work

Although the economic forecasts are improving, anyone looking for a job is facing difficult times. Finding a job has never been easy. Now it's really tough, especially in rural areas.

We are linking up a network of independent Job Clubs across the Somerset Levels to help people who want to get back into work expand their contacts whilst providing local support and access to skills and training.
Research shows that 30% of people find another job through friends, family or social networks, compared to just 10% through their Job Centre

Job Clubs help you find or get back into work with
•     Internet access
•     Help with computers
•     Brushing up your CV
•     Job applications
•     Interview techniques
•     Social skills
•     Finding training and volunteering

Most Job Clubs offer a wide range of facilities, but some may not provide all these services, and some will provide more. Run largely by volunteers, they will welcome you and help you as much as they can, for free.

Job Clubs are independent organisations, set up in the local community to help with unemployment, underemployment and the problems they create. We are not connected with Government schemes or Job Centres Plus, and all your dealings with us are confidential.

Yeovil 4 Work
The GateWay, Addlewell Lane Yeovil BA20 1QN
Fridays, 9.30-12.30 Contact: 01935 433146

Job Done!
The Balsam Centre, Balsam Park, Wincanton BA9 9HB
Fridays, 11am - 1pm.  Contact: 01963 31842

Somerton Opportunities
Somerton Methodist Church, West Street Somerton TA11 7PR
Thursdays, 2 - 5pm  Contact: 01458 250603

The Angel, Bow Street, Langport TA10 9PQ
Tuesdays & Fridays, 10am - 12noon   Contact: 01458 250603

Forefront Centre, Fore Street, Chard  TA20 1QA
Tuesdays, 9:30-12:30.  Contact: 01460 66080

Martock Job Club
The Youth Centre, Church Street, Martock
Tuesdays & Fridays, 10am - 1pm   Contact: Drop in

Just drop in, or, if you want more information contact the individual centre as above, use the Contact form on backin2work or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.