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Igreja Batista Palavra Viva Portuguese Church Bridgwater

Igreja Batista Palavra Viva is at heart a Pentacostal and Evangelistic Church. Church has been congregating in Bridgwater since January 2010 .People attending the church are strong believers of building fellowship bridges with other churches therefore they cooperate wit them very frequently.

 They share events such as special celebrations, baptisms and are always looking to strengthen their relationships with sister churches not just in Bridgwater but in the surrounding areas as well.
They are always up to something and, as they are a missionary church, they regularly hold events to involve local community.
 For example church hold "Feijoada's" and they held their first Immersion Retreat at Bath & West and this will be a yearly event.

Main beliefs of Igreja Batista Palavra Viva church:

  •  Holly Scriptures is inspired, authoritative Word of God
  •  the Eternal Divinity of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit.
  • Christ is the Lord's plan to redeem a fallen mankind
  • People are saved by Grace, everybody who believe in Jesus is born again through Jesus's sacrifice
  • Being a Christian is a way of life
  • The beliver's Baptism in the water, which is testimony to the world of one's personal experience of salvation.
  • In the fellowship of the Lord's supper.
  • Baptism in a Holly spirit
  • the gifts and the fruits of the spirit
  • Divine Healing
  • the second coming of Jesus

Church has fellowship every Sunday at 7 p.m. Mettings are holding place in St Mary's church on St Mary's Street Bridgwater TA6 3EQ Bridgwater