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Hate crime within our community still exists

Mrs Dorota is struggling with hate crime issue for the long time in Yeovil. Her son many times became victim of brutal attack from group of teenage girls speaking English. After the last incident, Kuba returned with taken out of head hair.

Three sisters gather a group of girls that target attacks on Poles. The son was kicked by them, and heard comments such as 'The Poles are dirty shit' and threats' to go back to the country of origin'. It happened that he was chased away from the place of fun and already several times the same attacker tore his hair.
It happened also that one of the girls was trying to throw a stone at the car Mrs Dorota. Mrs Dorota is afraid to continue living in their neighbourhood. Family would like to change their place of residence, but so far the District Council does not give them that opportunity.
The last incident caused a panic attack and cry with her son. It turned out that when he played on the pitch he was spat on, kicked and beaten. Mrs Dorota did not go look for the perpetrators only, also to an employee association called MECA, because she was afraid that it will not, by itself, explain in English the police what had happened. The police was informed and officers visited Mrs Dorota.
They told her that each incident must be reported to the police, but she replied that there is a language barrier. Polish police officer advised to Mrs. Dorota that she should attend English classes to be able to communicate in such situations.
Mrs Dorota has not such possibility, because she is a sick person, so has not enough time, financial resources and must care for their children. Was informed that the telecoms translators are very expensive for the police and there is no possibility of using their services every time.
Particularly difficult for Mrs. Dorota is to talk by the phone. The perpetrators of the last incident were again the same girls. Two weeks earlier, parents had witnessed a similar event. The girls started to beat a group of Polish children among who was the son of Mrs. Dorothy. She asked her husband to intervene. One of the girls, which was a large size, sat on chest a of Cuba's friend and broke his nose. While the boys were playing on the playing field, the girls approached them and began the discussion. Then they began to pull them and hit them by tree. Dorota's husband was afraid to intervene strongly, as he could be accused of assault on girls. Mrs. Dorota began to scream they leave them alone, and pushed the girls away. She asked the boys to go to their homes. She also called Cuba's friend mother, who went with him to the hospital where it was found that has a broken nose. Mrs. Dorota regrets that she didn't record this entire situation to submit video to the police as evidence. She is concerned that the police cannot handle this situation seriously enough.
Kuba for a time was intimidated and was afraid to go out onto the court. He feared that the attacks are likely to increase in revenge for the fact that the family notified the police. Police is planning to hold a meeting to gather information about all incidents. Mrs Dorota believes that someone should go to the parents of these girls to tell them that everyone has the right to live and feel safe in the UK. Another incident occurred on a school trip. Classmate of Cuba, an Englishman, offended him and insulted. The head teacher who witnessed the incident reacted very strongly, informed parents of the boy and decided to exclude him from the trip. Mrs Dorota is very pleased with the response of the Director, who showed in this way the students that the school does not tolerate such behaviour and that all students are equal. The Director spoke to Mrs Dorota about the incident and submitted to her how the school managed this problem.
Family also suffered harassment from one of the neighbours, who came into the garden and began to insult children which were playing there. He threatened them that he would kill them and shouted to move out of here. Her son was very frightened, and when Mrs Dorota came out to the garden the man turned toward her. Insulted and offended her. Mrs Dorota took her kids inside the house and locked up the door. Man remained for some time in their garden. She asked her son to call the police, but the police officer told him that he should call them only when a man knocks on the door. Mrs Dorota was afraid that an attacker can break into their house and harm them. Other neighbours' witnesses the situation went back into their houses. Mrs Dorota asked his friend to come and wait with her until her husband return home. Police arrived after some time.
Mrs Dorota's Son signed up for karate classes, but Mrs Dorota is trying to explain him that the fight is not the best solution to the problem. For Mrs Dorota's most surprising is that so young people can attack even younger children.
Mrs Dorota story proves that the problem of hate crime still exists. Has not been effectively solved by the local authorities yet and often affects the Poles. Victims of harassment generally do not know where to go for help, even if they report an incident or series of incidents to the police, the situation seems not to change, the perpetrators remain unpunished.