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Racist Abuse in Somerset

- I do not believe in justice and the efficiency of the local police. It was not an isolated incident. Racist comments happen all the time - says Vrigil Braneanu, a Romanian taxi driver from Yeovil.

Sunday 3rd February 2013. Around 4.00 a.m. From the club Neo in Yeovil, Virgil Braneanu, Radio Cabs taxi driver, picked up five passengers, four men and one woman. They were under the influence of alcohol. While driving, the taxi driver noticed some confusion among passengers. After arriving at their designated address, worried Virgil came out of the car and noticed that the girl vomited messing up the inside of the car making it impossible to continue to work this morning.
The taxi driver said that in such cases, is forced to take an additional fee to cover the costs of cleaning the car. Unfortunately, the men began to be aggressive verbally. Virgil asked them for personal information of the woman in order to send to her a bill covering the cost for cleaning a taxi. In response to his request, he was surrounded by aggressive passengers who began to push him. At the same time, the woman walked away and went to a nearby home. Then the men fled from the scene.
Fortunately, the taxi driver could see which house belongs to a woman. So he decided to knock on her door in order to settle the bill. A woman came out of the house and accidentally slammed the door through which she could not get into it again. Woman telephoned to her boyfriend, who turned out to be one of her traveling companions. Then Virgil decided to call 999 in order to avoid potential problems.
Unfortunately, the woman's partner appears faster than the police. He started to insult the taxi driver, saying that the dirt in the car, it's his problem. According to Virgil, aggressive man asked: Why do not you go back to your f*ing country? ... This is my country! F*ing foreigner!
Upon arrival, police, taxi driver reported racially motivated attack. Aggressive man was arrested.

- Justice has not been done - said disappointed Virgil. - From what I know, the man was released on the next day, and the taxi company had to pay for cleaning the cab. This is not a single case. Once the customer refused to pay for the course and began to be aggressive. He destroyed the mirror and hit the car. The policeman, who appeared on site, went to the aggressor. He took the money for the course from the passenger. Patted him on the shoulder saying not to worry and let him go. Then he came up to me and gave me money giving me to understand that just waste his time taking part in such an insignificant interventions.
After the last incident, I was asked by a policeman, why am I a taxi driver when I have so many bad experiences? I perceive this as a suggestion to change jobs. I was told that they cannot do too much because the perpetrators were drunk. That's absurd! I do not believe in justice and the efficiency of the local police. For three years I have worked as a taxi driver, and no one has ever complained to me. I respect all of my clients and I would expect the same from them. This is a job like any other. Unfortunately, some customers pay as they want, or none at all. Repeatedly not paid me for the course, and even tried to hit me. Racist comments happen all the time.

The law states that racial harassment is a crime and every crime should be punished.

written by
Michal Puzynski