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Link Worker language support service

This service is funded by Somerset County Council (SCC) with contributions made by participating schools. We have been delivering this service (when we were previously MECA) for more than 10 years and are able to support any services run by SCC for children and young people. With our long experience of working with schools and parents we are able to help them support their children's education. We also support Somerset Children's Social Care through translation, interpreting and training services.

Our Aims are:
• to facilitate communication between schools and immigrant children and families
• to help children and young people moving from abroad to quickly settle into their new school environment, so that they can achieve their full potential

Our Services include:
• translating school documents and forms
• providing face to face interpreting (e.g. at parents' evenings or to address concerns about progress, attendance or behaviour)
• supporting the completion of school admission forms or other written information
• preparing and running GCSE Polish courses
• EAL support such as pronunciation, spelling and blending words to maximise English improvement based on the needs of the pupil and our assessment of the child's native language skills
• cultural training for teachers plus in-house Polish classes for staff
• explaining how the English/Polish Education system works and providing relevant advice and support
• conversations with parents and family support
• providing support on a pupil's first day at a new school
• helping teachers find out about pupils' or families' needs

To access or request this service, please contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For emergencies only please ring our office number.
Cost of Link Worker service: In terms of the Link Worker Project, 1 hour of our work costs - £15. In the case of translations of documents, the cost per translated word is £0.05p.

Free of charge services are available for:

  • Reception year in first/primary schools.
  • The youngest year group of all other schools, eg Year 5 of middle school, Year 7 of secondary school, Year 9 of upper school.

We are happy to help schools carry out pupils' language development assessment in their native language and English. This free service is available for all schools in Somerset, providing up to 10 hours of support. The free hours may be subject to availability and level of use of this project. We may temporary limit or stop free hours.

To access our project please email us. Schools contribute a minimum of £100 to Somerset County Council. We keep all details of usage and your funding will be used later during the year. If you want to use our services just the once then our service can request SCC to invoice you. You will need to e-mail your full 11 digit finance code, or for academies and cheque book schools we need agreement to pay on invoice, and agreement to a £100 transfer. We collect this information ourselves and then pass it onto Somerset County Council who deal with all matters connected to payments. Depending on the information received and the support required, the amount of money can be increased. After joining our project we can establish when you would like us to visit and how often, or how much translation you require us to do. All requests should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Diversity Voice are happy to support a pupil's language development assessment in both their native language and in English.

To request our service please only email us (unless it is an emergency) at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will respond as soon as possible. Please provide details of the date and time you need our service and we will arrange for an appropriate person to contact you. In cases of emergency please telephone our office number 03000 750105.