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Baptist Church invites people to Street

Welcome to Street Baptist Church!

We're a diverse group of people from many backgrounds who want to know God and grow in Him together. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Come along and join us! We look forward to seeing you!




What is your passion? Passion for Music? for People? for Sport? Whatever your passion, coming soon we have three nights of incredible life stories about passions from celebrities in music, learning and sport. But, each one discovered that it was passion for something else that utterly changed their lives.
Passion for Life is taking place over 3 days and will focus on 3 lives touched by God. Taking place from 8th to 10th April, in Strode Sports Centre, Street, Somerset, each evening a different celebrity guest will be interviewed about their life story. The list of guests is inspirational and has a wide appeal as they come from all walks of life and have varied and diverse backgrounds and stories to tell..

What's your passion?

Come and listen to an inspirational line-up of guests from all walks of life, as they share how their lives have been wonderfully transformed by coming to know Jesus.
Our line-up of guests include:

pict1Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley

Paul and Fiona have been at the cutting edge of music and entertainment for many years. Paul, lead singer with Manfred Mann and The Blues Band, is known to millions of listeners to his Radio 2 and Jazz FM shows and has made many TV appearances. Fiona, actress and singer, has worked in all areas of show-business on many award-winning TV and stage shows. They share a humorous and compassionate story about how God worked in their lives, both as individuals and as a married couple.





Lisa Potts

Lisa came to prominence when, as a nursery nurse in Wolverhampton, she protected her pupils from a machette-wielding attacker. Among her 19 awards is the George M

edal for Bravery, presented to her by the Queen in 1997. Lisa speaks of how God carried her through her terrifying experience, her rehabilitation, and how she came to terms with her new-found fame.





 Debbie Flood

Debbie is best known for winning many Gold and Silver medals in rowing World Championships and the Olympics, since securing her first junior title in 1997. Debbie is also a fully trained prison officer and has lots of experience working with young people. She will speak of her passions for sport and for Jesus: 'I want to win. I am very competitive, but I also know that my real identity is not in my successes; it is in my life with Jesus.'