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What you need to know about the insurance

You need insurance to protect or cover yourself against unexpected financial loss which can result, for example, from injury to yourself or someone else, illness, or damage to your property or personal possessions.

There are many types of different insurance cover and you may need to take out several policies to make sure you're covered for all the risks in your life. Types of insurance policies include:
•    motor insurance
•    household contents insurance
•    buildings insurance
•    critical illness insurance
•    travel insurance
•    private health insurance
•    life

Some insurance polices are compulsory.

You can buy insurance:
•    direct from an insurer
•    through a bank, building society, travel agent, or high street retailer
•    through a comparison website
•    through an insurance agent
•    through an insurance broker or an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

Once you have decided that you want insurance it's a good idea to get a few quotes from different companies.

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