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Polish flag abused in Yeovil.

Michal K, one of the Polish resident living and working in Yeovil, became a victim of hate crime. Michal is a member of the large Polish community in South Somerset, working hard and integrating in the local society. The 2012 Euro cup organised by Ukraine and Poland brought to his mind to celebrate this important football event.

"I was proud to put up my Polish flag on my car during the competition. I thought this will help other people understand my identity and get good community spirit. Unfortunately my flag disappeared from my car and I thought I lost it while I was driving. Unfortunately it became worse, a week later I found my flag at the front window of my car. Someone took my flag away and wrote abusive comments such as "Polish cunt, go back home". I was horrified to see it.
Michal explained that for him Polish flag is a symbol of independency, freedom and peace. This incident was reported to the local police but unfortunately there was not enough evidence to continue the investigation. "I was surprised to hear this, because police officer watched with me CCTV film and we could see people who have done it" Unfortunately CCTV has been deleted accidently and there was no substantial evidence of it.
Michal went through difficult time but he understands that most of the local English people are very polite and supportive for other cultures.
Unfortunately similar incidents happened in several places in Belfast on 11 July 2012 where Polish flags were burned on bonfire.
Rafal Skarbek the chairman of migrant workers forum said "It is completely unacceptable behaviour to abuse flags of other countries. People who performed this seem to be nothing more than bigots".