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Terms and conditions

Welcome to the Diversityvoice.com website. You need to register on our website in order to place an advertisement and have access to our forum. If you already have your account name and a password, please type them into the boxes here. If you don’t, please click on the ‘Register’ button and fill in all the boxes. By registering on our website you are indicating that you agree for your data to be processed.

Terms and conditions of registering a new account - Diversityvoice.com

Before you create your account, please read the following terms and conditions. By creating the account, its user confirms that he/she knows its content and agrees with all the terms and conditions.

  1. Information needed to use the account is available at the end of registering procedure.
  2. If a user is not logging into the account for 45 consecutive days, Diversityvoice.com has the right to delete all the messages from the account.
  3. If a user is not logging into the account for 90 consecutive days, Diversityvoice.com has the right to delete the account along with all its content.
  4. Using Diversityvoice.com, which also means providing personal information in a registration form, is entirely voluntary.
  5. By providing his/her personal details, user states that:
    1. They are true,
    2. He/she agrees for his data to be processed (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998) by Diversityvoice.com for the product promotion and marketing purposes.
  6. Each user has the right to look at his/her data, correct them and request to delete them. To do that, User may enter a profile page or send a written request to The CIO Diversity Voice  e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  7. Requesting The CIO Diversity Voice to delete the data consequently means that using our services and User account will no longer be available for technical reasons.
  8. User is obliged to use his/her account according to European Union law regulations, social norms, the terms and conditions stated here as well as netiquette, and, in particular:
  9. To act in a way that does not infringe the rights of other users,
    1. Not to attempt to read other people’s passwords,
    2. Not to transfer the right to use the account to third parties,
    3. Not to use words and expressions generally considered offensive and/or immoral; an account whose name includes trademarks or other elements protected by copyright; an account whose name may suggest that the account is used by DiversityVoice.com, (administrators, editors, advertisers, etc.), which may be misleading for other users.
    4. To track the terms and conditions to familiarise with possible changes at the address www.diversityvoice.com/policies.
    5. User is not allowed to transfer or sell his/her rights and responsibilities connected with using the account in Diversityvoice.com to third parties without prior consent of Diversityvoice.com
  10. The credibility of accounts of Diversityvoice.com system is not controlled by The CIO Diversity Voice.
  11. Modern techniques used to protect the accounts and information stored within them by The CIO Diversity Voice aim at assuring the best possible security level, however due to technical reasons it cannot guarantee privacy of stored information.
  12. Diversityvoice.com does not take responsibility for:
    1. the way its users register into the account and any consequences of their actions,
    2. any damage to user caused by incorrect access or lack of access to his/her account.
    3. consequences of obtaining user’s password by third parties regardless of how a third party got access to the password (e.g. breaking a password or having access from user himself)
    4. giving access to password and data to authorised people given the right to do so by a specific law regulation,
    5. information and materials downloaded from the Internet and the consequences of using them,
    6. illegal actions undertaken by third parties such as interference in user’s computer system, in particular breaking into the system and computer viruses.
  13. Diversityvoice.com reserves the right and user accepts the right to:
    1. temporarily switch off the system Diversityvoice.com without giving a prior notice,
    2. immediately block each account if the terms and conditions have been infringed by user.
    3. to delete everything from the server of Diversityvoice.com in exceptional circumstances.
    4. to block on the servers of Diversityvoice.com outbox messages or the whole domains and IP addresses in the event of infringement of intellectual property rights, or in the event making system vulnerable to loss or instability or infringement of the terms and conditions of The CIO Diversity Voice
    5. to discontinue free services on the Diversityvoice.com web pages while giving its users prior notice
    6. To introduce limits of quantity and size of received and stored by the system information. The above limit may refer to specific accounts, for instance those made available to the website partners. It may be introduced temporarily or without a time limit.
  14. User is aware that if he/she wants to switch from a free account to a paid one and, then to resign from using his/her paid account, he/she may not return to using his free account with the same address as the previously given.
  15. Should user act in a way that is not forbidden by the terms and conditions but will be considered inappropriate by polskisomerset.com, polskisomerset.com may notify user by electronic mail about the fact demanding to stop acting in that way. If user does not comply with the demand, it shall be treated as the terms and conditions infringement.
  16. If the personal data used to register the account occurs to be false, Diversityvoice.com has the right to delete such an account.
  17. User agrees to receive both letters and advertisements from Diversityvoice.com
  18. User has the right to resign from the acount at any time, and, in particular, if he does not accept changes made to our terms and conditions.
  19. All efforts will be made to match possible promotions, contests and prizes to the age, interests and sex of users according to the information given by the user
  20. Within services provided by free acount registration on our pages, Diversityvoice.com does not offer individual customer service by the consultants of Diversityvoice.com gives access to guidance, advice and explanations wich may be of help to its users on the ‘Help’ pages.
  21. Making complaints:
    1. Each user of PDiversityvoice.com has the right to make a complaint about any issues connected with functioning of Diversityvoice.com
    2. Complaints can be sent to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    3. The CIO Diversity Voice will address each complaint within 14 working days from the date it has been received.
    4. User will be sent a reply to his complaint at the address provided by user.
    5. The CIO Diversity Voice reserves the right to prolong the period stated in point c, should addressing a complaint require special messages or due to unexpected obstacles unrelated to Diversityvoice.com (such as equipment failure, internet system fault etc.). Moreover, Diversityvoice.com may require additional explanations from a user to be able to address a complaint – time needed for explanations given by the user may prolong the period of addressing a complaint.
  22. Any information on infrigement of the terms and conditions by its users can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  23. Diversityvoice.com reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions.
  24. Changes will be available for users to see on Diversityvoice.com website at: Terms and conditions

Personal Data Processing

Personal data processing is protected in the accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The CIO Diversity Voice  is personal data basis administrator. Users have the right to look at their data, change them and delete from Diversityvoice.com data basis.

Giving access to personal data is entirely voluntary.