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Bridgwater Food and Drink Festival

The Bridgwater Food and Drink Festival Saturday 3rd March 9.30 – 2.00pm at the Town Hall. An event for the whole family.

Food Glorious Food

Eastville Project Space invites Yeovil residents to be part of a community art project, ‘Food Glorious Food’, a visual celebration of food, arts and cultures. We are looking for individuals to share their favourite recipes with us and create interesting artworks using the recipes as a starting point.

Parents travelling abroad urged to ‘Think Measles!’

Somerset's Director of Public Health is urging parents and carers travelling to Europe to check their children have had at least one dose of the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccination before they travel.

How to enrol for English classes?

You will find out here what to do, if you want to join English classes in Sedgemoor and West Somerset that will help build your confidence with everyday situations and improve your conversational English.

Why you should be using recognised immigration services

We can help you make the right  choices no bad experiences like Marek who lives in Yeovil and has had some help from a person, who was his interpreter at the medical assessment.

What Is Permanent Residence And How Can I Apply?

Diversity Voice is delighted to have forged a partnership with Simpson Millar Solicitors to support the thousands of European nationals in our region who are faced with uncertain and difficult choices following the Brexit decision.

Universal Credit and going abroad

Many of you ask us if you can go abroad and the same time recieve Universal Credit. Some of you ask if you can go up to 4 weeks or even up to 4 months or longer while you receive medical treatment. We are pleased to provide you information about this topic. If you want to find out please click to open and read the letter from DWP.

How to get a health care cover in the European Economic Area?

Did you know that You may be able to get health care cover from the UK for you and your dependants if you are resident in another country in the European Economic Area (EEA), and are liable to pay UK National Insurance contributions? Or your dependants may have the right to health care cover from the UK if they are living in another EEA country and you are liable to pay UK National Insurance contributions.

Food banks

More and more people in the United Kingdom use food banks. On the one hand, it shows the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, on the other, the solidarity of common people, who want to help others, the ones in need.

How do you enjoy wildlife?

I am keen to find out whether there are Polish families or couples in Somerset who are Somerset Wildlife Trust members?

This year I am writing feature articles for the Somerset Wildlife Trust’s (SWT) membership magazine, Somerset Wildlife and want the features to appeal to all members. I am keen to hear from you if you are an SWT member yourself and how you like to enjoy nature here in Somerset.

Currency exchange rates

Reference: British Pound (GBP)
Symbol Currency Rate
EUR Euro 1.13
USD American dollar 1.40
BGN Bulgarian Lev 2.21
CZK Czech Koruna 28.59
DKK Danish Krone 8.41
HUF Hungarian Forint 351.22
PLN Polish Zloty 4.68
RON Romanian New Leu 5.26
SEK Swedish Krona 11.19
CHF Swiss Franc 1.30
NOK Norwegian Krone 10.90
HRK Croatian Kune 8.40
RUB Russian Ruble 79.10
Source: European Central Bank, 20.02.2018

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